Kuopion ja Ympäristön Rauhanyhdistys ry
The association of peace of Kuopio and the surrounding area represents a Christian movement called Conservative Laestadians. The members of the movement belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.
The purpose of the association is to awaken and inspire Christian faith life and to promote the Christian way of life.
The Conservative Laestadians belong to the SRK, the Central Committee of the Finnish associations of peace, which organises and does mission work both domestically and abroad. The main purpose of the associations of peace is to organise devotional events called services. Services are made up of prayers, sermons, singing hymns and songs of Zion and discussions. The services are events open for all. Everyone is welcome!
Contact information
Street address
Kuopion ja Ympäristön Rauhanyhdistys ry
Ahmantie 22, 70400 Kuopio
The location of the house of the Kuopio association of peace on the map
The Kuopio association of peace: johtokunta(at)kuopionrauhanyhdistys.net
Web pages: webmaster(at)kuopionrauhanyhdistys.net